Crow & Crescent Yarn Scorpion Hand Tattoo Vinyl Sticker - 4"x2.89"


This sticker is a 4”x2.59” die cut vinyl sticker. These stickers are thick and durable, which helps to protect them from scratches, water and sunlight.

Image is of a hand with long grey fingernails, silver rings, a silver bracelet with a moon dangling from it that says "Crow & Crescent Yarn", and a scorpion tattoo. The hand is holding a hank of purple yarn and is drawn similar to classic tattoo style. There is a starburst shape made of lines and a teal glow behind the hand and banner and it is set on a white background.

Love how it looks; shipped faster than expected.

Exactly as expected, love this sticker!

I had to buy an extra sticker for my daughter's coworker. She loved the look as much as I did, and felt she would love it as well. Beautifully drawn and colored.

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